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We would like to tell you about the AMA session with Neon Vault Finance , represented by Mr. Tom.

Tom is the founder of Neon Vault Finance. This AMA took place on 24th December at 02.00 PM UTC. The total Reward Pool Was $60 and it was split among 3 Winners.



Telegram: (@NeonVaultFin)



Q1. Who are you and how did you get involved into the crypto space? What are your experiences and expertise? Have you been involved in any other crypto project ?

I am Tomi Thomas, I am the Founder and CEO of NEON VAULT FINANCE. I also have qualifications in Information Technology, Solidity, Python and AWS. I’ve been an avid fan of the blockchain network and trader of cryptocurrencies since early 2016. also worked for other great successful projects which due to non-disclosure agreement’s I can’t really mention names..


Q2. Could you please give us a brief description of what is Neon Vault finance and how did you come up with its idea ?

NEON VAULT FINANCE is a community centric highly deflationary cryptocurrency that is designed to execute profit-generating strategies autonomously with a completely decentralized approach. And that uses permanently locked liquidity pool to unlock new possibilities.

It has a fixed-supply, and permanently locked liquidity pools, Where Neon differs from other defi tokens is that we create a price floor which means the price of Neon cannot go below a certain price staple level which also allows us to reuse the ETH locked in our system multiple times to develop other High end strategic projects for the near future of NEON. We also came up with the Neon idea by taking a bit of CORE and ROOTKIT idea and bringing it into a one solid idea

Q3. If the supply is fixed, how will it be deflationary? Is the floor price dynamic?

In order to participate in Neon deflationary farming, and therefore receive tokens paid as Neon, the user requires to obtain UNI-V2-LP tokens and stake them on website

The UNI-V2-LP tokens are obtained by providing Ethereum and NEON as liquidity on Uniswap.

once this is done. We also Charge a 1% fee on token transfers and trade’s on uniswap at the same time users can earn this fee back while farming

93% of the 1% fee goes to the Neon Vault and the rest (%) is sent to the developer address.

The floor time changes in real time so yes i would say its dynamic!

Q4. What is the tokenomics for Neon Vault finance?

The max supply is 10,000 neon

Seed round : 500 NEON (1 ETH = 10 NEON)

LGE : 4000 NEON (Paired with 500 ETH)

Marketing : 500 NEON

Farming Rewards : 5000 NEON

After seeing the negative precedents being set in the DeFi space with reports of fraudulent projects coming to light temporarily we have decided to not have team tokens.

which means as a team we won’t holding any personal assets of Neon. The team and I saw this as an opportunity to focus more on the project and development knowing this as an incentive, we have is this community that relies heavily on us.

Q5. What about the tokens for adding to liquidity? Is there a soft cap?

Its all together in the LGE, half on half method.

If we don’t fill up after the 14days we would still proceed and go ahead with listing. and then the tokens left would be evenly split with the investors that participated!. but I’m 100% certain that for a project like this 550 eth would a walk in the park

Q6. What percentage of the raised fund will go to liquidity?

100% of funds raised would be put into liquidity and locked forever. We have to do this in order for everyone to be committed long term. Neon is not like this projects that’s is just a short term pump and dump

Q7. Let’s talk about the private sale. How can anyone buy in the private sale? What’s private sale price? Tell us about LGE, Listing price and date?

For the private sale, before it was more like a VIP participation. where people had to DM me and i had to do a mini KYC where i get to know. if the investor is actually willing about the project and not a quick scalp. but then Shivam(owner of our Gem Snipers group) spoke to me about people on here really interested in the project itself.

So now I have that the Private would be open to everyone exclusively a member in The Gem Snipers community

The private sale price currently is 1Eth = 10 neon tokens

Also for the LGE. an LGE utilizes a smart contract which gathers tokens during a particular period of set time. After the clock is over the contract utilizes the gathered assets to make a liquidity pool. Members who contributed tokens to the LGE smart contract will get LP tokens after the event is finished.

These tokens received can then be staked on the website to get rewards..

Neon Liquidity event would be live on the 27th of December with a price of 1eth 8 neon and it would be for a period of 14 days could be less if we fill up before that. After which a listing on Uniswap would follow happen

Q8. As you said that you are revealing the token sale address can you please share it here so everyone can get their tokens asap?

NEON Seed Round Eth Address


Get you NEON tokens now with 25% bonus so you will get 10 NEON tokens

Q9. Do you have any product or DEMO/github at the moment so that our community can have a look and get a better idea of the project?

Yes they can check our website now, Then they should press the start button.

We just completed the LP staking pool just in time before the AMA! in the coming days also there would be a major improvement in our UI too.

Q10. Is the contract deployed and verified? I’m asking this because many would want to go through your contract. ?

Absolutely our contract is is deployed and verified on etherscan.

here is the address


Q11.Have you asked for security audit of the contract from any firm? If not, will there be any audit in the future?

Absolutely, the security of Neon is our utmost responsibility. we currently have audited our codes with our private security engineers but then we want a public company with a reputation that has been around for a while. I have had rigorous conversation for a while now with Drew from Certik. Neon is really keen on auditing with them. they currently have a 4 weeks backlog at the moment but hopefully they will give us time slot, as soon as everything is finalized. would keep everyone in touch!

Q12. Let’s talk about a guy who is claiming to be your partner in the past, Nick. He’s currently raising funds for a project with a very similar name to your project. Who’s this guy and do you have any past with him?

Yes, this person in particular is Nick Ward who’s from the United Kingdom. He approached me in the past to work with him on a Project YGF, I worked with him until I noticed some discrepancies in the way he uses company funds for personal use as he controls everything, he clearly didn’t take it so well when i did my findings about it. I then told him about the idea of NEON as i was still working with him at that moment. i also told him because of his past he wouldn’t be in charge of the funds also, all this while I was still in close contact with him. he clearly didn’t take it so well So he decided to take the whole idea with him and start another Neon with a website that isn’t secured as his current project YGF is now a big flop. Good gracious I didn’t give him access to the codes just shared the idea only.

just to also let you know. if you all are investing in NEON just make sure Shivam is in the Telegram group and the website is which is secured!

Q13. How is your project different from other DeFi projects? What make your project unique ?

Where Neon differs from other defi tokens is that we create a price floor which means the price of Neon cannot go below a certain price staple level which also allows us to reuse the ETH locked in our system multiple times to develop other High end strategic projects for the near future of NEON. so

* we have a price floor which shows price keeps going up

*liquidity is locked forever which shows commitment

*development of other High Strategic products and Partnerships

There is also no team tokens for us.

Q14.Since you have a public face, do you have any social media pages such as linkedin, twitter or so?

Yes my linkedin is

Q15.What will be the Apy rewards percentage .. Will there be any AI Driven computation for farming rewards or pool allocations?

We are still adjusting the percentage as it’s an LGE we have to make sure the calculations are right which we would have to wait to see how the LGE turns out if it will be filled or partially filled then we conclude on the rewards. after which the concluded one will be communicated before we fully launch.

Yes also about the AI DRIVEN Computation i feel like i would be giving my good news away

Please announce the big news

We just closed a partnership deal with Ferrum.

In which anyone that participates in Neon Seed round Sale they get an automatic access to Ferrum VIP Staking.


Q14.Most of the farm coins suffer from high APY and are constantly printing new tokens. For example, I farm $NEON Receive more $NEON and throw away my extra tokens. Most of the farm coins have failed and will fail on Token Metrics only…..How do you offset the selling pressure?

We offset the selling pressure by creating a price floor. and lock of lp tokens. and also no mint function

Q14.In doing a SWOT analysis, we are well aware of the strength of NEON Vault Finance (Deflationary, Profit generating strategies, Combines CORE+ROOTKIT features etc). Can you honestly tell us the weakness of the project and what steps have you taken to resolve it?

For now in the best of my knowledge i haven’t seen a weakness yet, as this is because we decided to bring 2 high end projects and join it into 1

Q15.Tell me its 3 unique features that your competitor doesn’t have?

How will people attract toward Your project?

1 Deflationary farming.

2. Price Floor

3. No team tokens

bonus 100% liquidity raised would be locked forever

Q16.Recently, there have been so many scam Cryptocurrency projects, taking investors money & some project core team members left project, which impact negative effect on the crypto project ! So, How can we trust NEON VAULT FINANCE ? What make you not scam & long term working projects?

Liquidity locked forever and we are also working on making NEON VAULT FINANCE RUG PROOF There are 4 changes being made to deployed contracts:

Adding a 3day delay on changing the Floor Calculator contract.

Adding a 5 day delay on transferring funds from the Vault contract.

Hard coding fee limits for LP rewards, burn, and dev.

Adding a 3 day delay on changing the Transfer Gate contract.

Q17. Collaboration and partnerships are one of the cornerstones to making DeFi more widespread, Can you share some of the partnerships you have formed with existing blockchain foundations recently NEON VAULT FINANCE ?

Today we just announced an official partnership with The Ferrum Network. more great partnership to follow shortly!

Q18.If there is a mistake in the smart contract that leads to a big security breach, would the project be completely destroyed because the smart contract cannot be modified?

we have put measures in place for grave mistakes like this not to happen that’s why we are Adding a 3 day delay on changing the Floor Calculator contract.

Adding a 5 day delay on transferring funds from the Vault contract.

Hard coding fee limits for LP rewards, burn, and dev.

Adding a 3 day delay on changing the Transfer Gate contract.

and also an audit with a reputable audit company



Our Group Owner Shivam will be managing the private sale wallet and will not handle the wallet to Neon team until Uniswap listing and if there are any payment for audit, partnerships and marketing He will initiate the transaction so Neon team don’t have any access to any funds till Uniswap listing.

So all your funds are SAFU

And thanks for your time everyone.



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