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We would like to tell you about the AMA session with Dettapay, represented by Mr. Ayodeji.

Ayodeji is the founder of Dettapay.

This AMA took place on 1st December at 11 AM UTC. The total Reward Pool Was $60 and it was split among 3 Winners.


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Q1. How did you get involved in the crypto space and have you launched any crypto project so far other than Dettapay?

I got introduced to crypto currency a few years back by a friend.. from there I became Digital Identity advocate.

I haven’t launched any projects in the past — I am involved in ambassadorial position for a project though . People can see this project on my twitter page as I don’t want to be using other project to promote mine.


Q2. Could you please give us a brief description of what is Dettapay and how did you come up with its idea?

Dettapay is centralized marketplace equipped with block chain technologies for security and ability to accept payments in both DETTA and FIAT I will be sharing our domain to this very soon.

I came up with the idea when citizens of certain countries are restricted from doing transaction with the oversees neighbors. Some countries limiting their citizens spending to just 100$ per month isn’t just acceptable when we have crypto currency that can be spent across borders and also, we integrate block chain with our marketplace to protect people from Private and financial data loss.

Q3. Could you please give a full description of presale? What’s the soft and hard cap? What percentage of the raised fund will be used for liquidity? What’s the listing date and price? Is there any advantage for presalers besides the cheaper price?

$DETTA Tokenomics:

Total Supply: 1,000,000 DETTA

✨ Token Sales: 300,000

✨ Marketing, Partnership: 300,000

✨ Team Token: 200,000

✨ Staking Reward: 100,000

✨ Uniswap Liquidity: 100,000

🔥 All unsold tokens will be added to the Staking Allocation!!!


✅ Uniswap Liquidity will be locked for one year.

✅ Team Token will be TimeLock at 10% per month for 10 months.

See breakdown below

Total Supply: 1,000,000 DETTA

Presale Allocation: 300,000 DETTA ~ 1294.28 ETH

● Breakdown of Presale allocation & Price

👉 Private Sale: 1 ETH = 300 DETTA

{30,000 DETTA Alllocated — 100 ETH Raised } — Completed

👉 Public Sale 1: 1 ETH = 250 DETTA

{120,000 DETTA Alllocated — 480 ETH} — Ongoing

👉 Public Sale 2: 1 ETH = 210 DETTA

{150,000 DETTA Alllocated — 714.28 ETH}

🌠Uniswap Listing Price will be : 1 ETH = 180 DETTA

Dettapay through Ferrum Network is introducing a Staking Rewards of 300% APY for ONLY Presale Contributors.

This will be through Ferrum’s UniFyre Wallet using the Whitelist technology.

if you see from the above, we have staking incentives for people that contribute to our presale.

We also believe that DETTA Token will start to appreciate in value once we start announcing more partners that will have planned. We are currently in advanced discussion with 2 and will reveal when its time

In addition to Ferrum Staking, The 300% APY will runs for 31 days only for presalers.

Q4. Do you have any product or DEMO at the moment so that our community can have a look and get a better idea of what Dettapay is aiming for?

Currently our main website is down due to DDos attact on our page.. but we have have bit of surprise for the audience.

Find our marketplace domain at We are still building but thought their is no better time to show people what we have been working on. Obviously those photos are stock photos but that gives people an idea what we are aiming for

Q5. I believe adoption is a crucial factor especially for Dettapay since it aims to create a marketplace. What are you plans to bring mass adoption? Have you done any marketing so far?

Talking about our marketing plans.

We intend to kick start that in the early months of 2021 as we want to get over this presale stage.

Although we are creating a global store, it is logical for us to start Dettamart marketing where our strength lies which is Africa and Europe, where we have much strength , then we can expand to other region as we progresses.

Our objective is to build awareness for DettaMart offerings to people in Europe and African and attract users to the marketplace

We need to be positioned as the choicest marketplace so it is very paramount to drive adequate publicity to DettaMart marketplace and it’s initiatives.

Looking at how different the two continents operates (Europe & Africa), we need to understand and see things from the eyes of our targeted audience.

Our campaign in Europe will concentrate more on Digital Marketing.

While our Focus in Africa will be a Mixture of Traditional and Digital Marketing for a better Brand Visibility.

We have identified and mapped out some Digital Marketing plans which include but not limited to the following:

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

2. Search engine advertising (Pay per Click) Google AdWords

3. Advertisements on websites through services such as Google

4. AdSense

5. Social Media Campaigns

6. API generated traffic

Including Traditional offline advertising.

We can continue to talk endless about our marketing plans.

Diving into the traditional marketing is huge and won’t want to take the entire day.

Q6. Why do you think Dettapay is the true store of value? We currently have many cryptocurrencies that claim to be a store of value, Bitcoin being king of them. Why should people prefer Dettapay to protect their asset from devaluation and what are your plans to make this happen?

DETTA token is backed by how our business eventually perform.. and knowing our targeted countries the way we do we know Dettamart will be a success..

take the below illustration I always give people as an example

Africa population is over 1.3 billion, at the moment we are too small to go after such huge number with our conventional marketing plan, the plan is to target West Africa and Europe first. West Africa, with a population of about 367 million, this is about 5 percentage of the world’s population. So, if we manage to pull just a mere 1% (we plan to have more) of the population in west Africa to use Dettamart, this would be equal to 3.7m people. That’s just in West Africa, the number become substantial immediately you start adding buyers from Europe and the rest of the world.

To be pessimistic! Let’s say only 30% of 3.7m people use Dettamart regularly, that will be about 1 million regular customers on our platform. If each of this people spend equivalent of $20 a month (in DETTA), this would amount to a total spending of $20,000,000 each month, in spending on When you take out our commission of probably 3% (subjective to change) in fee from this, you are looking at a minimum monthly revenue of 0.03 * $20,000,000 = $600,000. Multiply $600,000 * 12 you get $7,200,000 a year before tax. This is a very pessimistic scenario.

Now imagine the effects that 1 million regular customers would have on the value of DETTA token… The circulating supply will be maximum of around 400,000 DETTA after the presale. We truly envisage great future for both Dettamart and DETTA tokens..

Q7. In my opinion, one of the challenging goals Dettapay has to reach is bringing the people who have no experience in the crypto space into your marketplace and it’s a quite large population. Do you have any plan to target non-crypto population?

We planned this from onset… This is the exact reason we are building a centralised platform in order to make the interface familiar to people…. The way we make it decentralised is by integration blockchain to its core function….

We are in advance talk with a partner that will be integration their blockchain encryption software to our marketplace…

their app is so simple that if you know how to use PayPal App then you are ready to go from day one to use our services

There is almost no need wasting time learning to use our services

because it will be self explanatory

And as for people accepting DETTA we have worked on that also

We are planning to only list on certain exchanges that will enable our merchants to off ramp DETTA to their local currencies

We always like to under promised but over delivered… We have few coffee shops in Europe that are ready to accept DETTA but until the agreements/partnership is signed we will not be making any claim but yes my own private business will start accepting DETTA at some point

anybody from any part of the world can transact with one another. through our marketplace… That’s actually the reason behind Dettapay

Q8. Have you done any audit for Dettapay to ensure the contract security? If not, do you have any future plan to get an audit?

We did perform an unofficial audit and also have plan to officially audit our contract immediately we reach softcap.

Q9. How you build trust among the people or how what difficulty you faced in building the trust or community?

The community have come to trust us since we refund the ETH contribution we received during our sale on DistX.. That coupled with the fact that we are public… this gives confidence to everyone..

The only difficulties is that people are hurting from all the rug pulls.. so they are very slow to respond to projects even genuine one like ours. We can only tell people that we are here to stay.. and that we so much believe in our concept and people should support us in this presale


Q10. To SURVIVE in tough crypto market conditions is difficult, and we see that many projects are far from the targets. What is #DettaPay’s strategy to survive in this long blockchain marathon?

Once we break loose from the presale frenzies.. It will be both traditional market and blockchain that will be having effects on our project… so we will always be in good position.

This gives us more leverage since we are targeting both crypto and non crypto folks.

Q11.Typically, investors buy tokens that are likely to increase in price in the future. I saw that, total supply of the token is huge.So, do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

The total supply of DETTA token is relatively low.

See below the TOKENOMICS

Total Supply: 1,000,000 DETTA

✨ Token Sales: 300,000

✨ Marketing, Partnership: 300,000

✨ Team Token: 200,000

✨ Staking Reward: 100,000

✨ Uniswap Liquidity: 100,000

🔥 We do not have intention of burning . WE PLAN that All unsold tokens will be added to the Staking Allocation!!!

✅ Uniswap Liquidity will be locked for one year. WHILE Team Token will be TimeLock at 10% per month for 10 months.

Q12. Tell us a little bit about security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?

We are currently working with a blockchain company, they will be the one writing the escrow smart contract on our marketplace…. and for safely of these codes, we have have planned to engaged auditing firms to vet the contracts every step of the way…. we will not left any stones unturned — we sure about that

Q13. Is there any meaning or philosophy about your project name? Or did you simply use it because it’s catchy?

We chose the name DETTA due to its meaning and how it sounds.

And thanks for your time everyone.

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